A lizard here, a lizard there… Seraphon mounts, assamble! WiP.

I had a little more time to get on with painting more of my little Seraphon army. So, there you go: more Mounts though No Blades (Saurus Knights on Cold Ones, without the Knights component…).

M&Ms as a colour reference!

The Mint-Blue Guy:

The Violet-blue Guy

And last, but not least – the Fiery-Red Guy. He is the leader’s mount, that’s why he’s the wearing a golden headpiece.

Seraphon follow-up (still WIP)

I upgraded my lizard-boys a little. They’re more tribal now, and looking good! That is how the party looks all together:

The drummer.

Coming next – some simple saurus warriors:

And I almost finished my first Saurus knight!

Maybe this week I’ll start on this big-baby-boy… I’ll keep You posted!

From Necrons to Seraphons.

Whole new box, whole new fun

I paint minatures since 2018. It’s new fun to me. I always had an inclination into arts – music, dance, painting – but never done anything “official” with it. No school, no courses or so on. But I started with my husband’s Necrons. I discovered it is quite easy and fun, so I continued – painted almost whole 24 warriors. And some wraiths. And an Overlord. And 5 Deathmarks. But it’s a topic for another note.

Necron Warrior looks up in strange
inquisitiveness. “What lies in a future…?”

Sooo we (me and husbad) bought a box containing Adeptus Mechanicum and painted some of those guys. Totally different material (beacuse Necrons are metal, AdMechs are metal/fabric), but still I think I nailed it. High Priest pictured below has been used in some battles, so You can see some small damages on edges.

Here it comes…! Lizardmen!

I remember from my childchood holidays, at my aunt’s house there were “older guys” playing the ol’ good Warhammer Fantasy Battle. My and my friends were always curious about all the minatures they had there. My favaurites were the lizardman. Years passed, now I am the “old guy”, I have my own money so I bought myself a whole box of Age of Sigmar’s Seraphon. New fancy name, good old lizards inside.

There are warriors I glued together and starded painting. There are much more left than in a box, so I’m preparing for endless fun od scales and nice, basic colorus (RGB!). I put some more detail in a leader, put some scars on his face and mounted shrunken heads to his shield. He is fearsome!

And, for the desserts, the whole group of them: enjoy and FEAR THE SERAPHON (or something like that, i’m not really into Sigmar’s lore).