Rougue Psykers – Blackstone Fortress

Disturbing metal clanging may welcome you, if you stumble too far nad too deep into Blackstone labyrinth. When you feel the temperature fall rapidly, if you see frost fractals covering walls around you, it might be already too late.

Psykers are a terrible manifestation of warp in the Materium (reality). Those guys can bolt deadly energies anywhere they see fit. In fact, they tunnel so much energy they can spontaneously explode, destroying anything and hurting anyone standing too close to them…

As an energy syphons barely containing the warp within them, they float like helium balloons. Perhaps. What would happen, if you’d snapped those chains from their feet?

My Rougue Psykers come from Blackstone Fortress tabletop game. Only once I played using them in another Warhammer Game: Kill Team. The blue guy managed to BLAM! one target and then beautifully died of “too much warp in your head”…

UR-025 – the one of few, the one in his kind, the dreaded, long-dead AI.

This guy is my second favourite to use while playing Blackstone Fortress. Tough, slow, deadly, and (in my opinion) very polite to his non-robotic companions.

Two red marks. It’s quicker this way.

His body colour was a test. I used dark metallic base (Iron Warriors by Games Workshop) and a non-metallic gray-blue (Fenrisian Gray, Games Workshop).

New game – new epic figurines to paint! (WIP)

I really got myself into Blackstone Forstress board game. I love the eeary enviroments, player cooperation and dungon-crawl-like gameplay. And I have tons of new minatures to paint! Here we go, let’s see what I managed to paint.

My favourite charachter to play is Janus Draik.

The second one is a Chaos Space Marine. First i ever painted, but it went suprisingly fast.

And for the last – eldar lady Amailyn Shadowguide. Proven to be quite deadly on battlefield. Mostly painted by my husband – but it was I, who did the highlights and jewels. And the powersword!