Sicarian Ruststalker from Stygies VIII – WiP

From the rugged deserts smoldered by acid rains, from hive-city spires drowned in caustic sulfates and constant thud of tireless Manufactorum halls of Stygies VIII, come the Sicarian Ruststalkers.

Sicarian Ruststalker in Stygies VIII colour scheme.
Sicarian Ruststalker – a bit like a Deadpool?

These machine-human hybrids were created by Tech-Priests millennia ago to fight none other than the Deatch Watch, sent by the Holy Inquisition itself. The Ruststalkers challenged the Astartes in guerilla warfare over Stygies VIII’s infamous admiration of xenotech.

Their equipment and skill, both engineered to the highest precission, are still used by Tech-Priests of Stygies VIII on numerous expeditions, especially as a special ops troops. A subtle scent of oil and a faint buzz of servo-motors are the last things their unsuspecting victims experience – but only if the Ruststalkers allow it.

Collonel Straken – the Metallic Slayer of Beasts!

It’s not his official name, but taking into accout his personal story, I guess it suits him. You know why he has a robotic arm? Because it was bitten off by an animal. Whose skull in dangling on Straken’s hip ever since. It was a pleasure and good fun working on this one.