Character Portrait finished

And Thou I present:

Ji'Arrwen, a khajiit form Khenarti's Roost.
Ji’Arrwen if Khenarti’s Roost.

Fun: materials, shadows on the face and hair. The little blue medallion on her neck.
Difficulties: metals, cuirass, brown stripe of the pendant; shadowing and highlights of her eyes. Where stop with pursuing realistic shadows, where to leave the cartoon-like qualities? I made some decisions and I’m looking forward to revising them in the future, when I acquire more skills.

I am very pleasantly surprised with the end result! It is crusial for me to like my finished art even a bit, because I find it hard to continue drawing if I see how bad the drawing is. Not this time!

Thanks to this project I gained even more confidence in digital drawing. Keep fingers crossed – there is so much more to learn! 🙂

Custom Emojis

A custom discord emoji

For my sister’s Discord.
The place is called “Little Hell” and it’s dedicated to her guild in Elder Scrolls Online. She loves everything around black, purple, and, of course, cattos.

Character portrait

Few months back, I started drawing on non-paper (haha xD) by just tracing screenshots from Elder Scrolls Online. This is one of my favourite characters in the game:

I literally drew this one by placing pixels with my finger on the screen of my smartphone. Not a quick way to draw anything… but at least I convinced myself, that there is a way for me to produce an image of a person/character that resembles the model and looks at least OK and believable.

I’m gaining confidence now! I’m still using tracing as a basic method, but now I opened this portrait in GIMP, to work on it in more detail, add shadows, texture and overall “cool”. The project is not done yet, but I’d like to share the process here.

Basic face is quite OK; a lot of cleaning will be done, plus hair and face ornament are still waiting to be drawn.

Dogs in different resolutions.

I wanted to do something simple. A doggo form is one of those shapes, that don’t threaten me. In Pixelart I find it very encouraging, that I don’t have to think of the textures too much, especially in the very beginning of the whole learning process.