OC doggo pixelart emojis

how it looks i use
i removed the rays – the image is clearer

So, basically, what i’m learning during emoji painting is:

  1. Pixelart is cute, but sometimes it looks messy
  2. The choice of colours is very VERY important, the bolder the better
  3. Over-exaggerate mimics, the emoji is smaller than I think.

I will keep posting more in the future! 🙂

DnD inspired

Here you go: some other NPCs inspired by the D&D campaign played with my friends.

Stone Giant
A stone giant, covered in snow
Bear pixelated
An enormous wild bear, very angry
Rust Monster D&D
A Rust Monster, for me a rust beetle. A classic D&D appearance!


A small NPC from a tabletop RPG game I played with friends. Those were made by Gnomes in the Gnome city. Bulky, iron-y and standing 2m tall, their purpose was to protect the city from any unwanted visitors.