Fenrisian Wolf – Parade Ready

Another animal on my shelf! A Fenrisian Grey Wolf. In the dark grim dark future, almost all Terran animals went extinct. Those few rare examples of real dogs, horses, wolves and others are always exquisite specimens. It is not known, however, whether the Fenrisian wolves are actually *wolves*, canis lupus or a very distant descendant. Some sources claim it possible that these semi-conscious creatures are in fact very ancient “Astartes-to-be” whose gene mutations spiralled out of control, thus changing humans not into the great warriors they were supposed to be, but into giant, feral creatures.

If I only could remember the colours I used on this wolf… And it wasn’t Citadel’s Fenrisian Grey, unfortunaltely.
Some rubble, a little tuft, and two pieces of amber. I quite like the colour on this base.