DnD inspired

Here you go: some other NPCs inspired by the D&D campaign played with my friends.

Stone Giant
A stone giant, covered in snow
Bear pixelated
An enormous wild bear, very angry
Rust Monster D&D
A Rust Monster, for me a rust beetle. A classic D&D appearance!


A small NPC from a tabletop RPG game I played with friends. Those were made by Gnomes in the Gnome city. Bulky, iron-y and standing 2m tall, their purpose was to protect the city from any unwanted visitors.

Character Portrait finished

And Thou I present:

Ji'Arrwen, a khajiit form Khenarti's Roost.
Ji’Arrwen if Khenarti’s Roost.

Fun: materials, shadows on the face and hair. The little blue medallion on her neck.
Difficulties: metals, cuirass, brown stripe of the pendant; shadowing and highlights of her eyes. Where stop with pursuing realistic shadows, where to leave the cartoon-like qualities? I made some decisions and I’m looking forward to revising them in the future, when I acquire more skills.

I am very pleasantly surprised with the end result! It is crusial for me to like my finished art even a bit, because I find it hard to continue drawing if I see how bad the drawing is. Not this time!

Thanks to this project I gained even more confidence in digital drawing. Keep fingers crossed – there is so much more to learn! 🙂