Rougue Psykers – Blackstone Fortress

Disturbing metal clanging may welcome you, if you stumble too far nad too deep into Blackstone labyrinth. When you feel the temperature fall rapidly, if you see frost fractals covering walls around you, it might be already too late.

Psykers are a terrible manifestation of warp in the Materium (reality). Those guys can bolt deadly energies anywhere they see fit. In fact, they tunnel so much energy they can spontaneously explode, destroying anything and hurting anyone standing too close to them…

As an energy syphons barely containing the warp within them, they float like helium balloons. Perhaps. What would happen, if you’d snapped those chains from their feet?

My Rougue Psykers come from Blackstone Fortress tabletop game. Only once I played using them in another Warhammer Game: Kill Team. The blue guy managed to BLAM! one target and then beautifully died of “too much warp in your head”…

Long time no see – the holiday teaser.

Hi everyone!

I’ve been busy travelling and sunbathing in eastern Europe, but I still managed to paint some minatures. Here is a quick view of what’s going on:

Ice cream, T’au, Seraphon and more!

Seraphon follow-up.

Saurus Warriors

The Guardians of Univerce’s Order are getting more colours. I’ve decided to speed up my work, because if I’m ever to play Age of Sigmar for more than hudnread points then I’ll need more painted lizards – and to say the truth I’m not a fan of doing meticoulous work on dozens of figures of one type. Anyways:

Guys in the front line are already painted. Guys in the back are the new ones.

Lizards have two rigth arms. Yes. I couldn’t decide which weapon will be more effective, so i glued some magnets inside torsos and arms to let me decide on that matter whenever I wish. How to do that is a topic for another note, so back to painting:

What’s changed in my method? After basing them with Citadel Stegaddon Scale, I drybrushed them with different “base” colours. For now the effect is not bright enough, but I used it just as a primary colour idea. What’s more This Guy in the middle…

… is drybrushed with mix of blue and white. It makes his scales pop and that’s the effect I’m trying to achieve. You can see the difference in brightness between the “old” (clasically painted) and “new” (drybrushed) scales:

Saurus Oldblood on Carnotaur

These two are gaining more colorus, but I’m still pretty undecided about the end result. They’re going to take me much more time… or I simply need a breath of saurian inspiration…


I don’t know much about this army – those are my friend’s minatures. Thanks to him, I can paint them (or to be more precise – finish them)! It’s a nice change from scales and mechanical bodies.

T’au is a modern, highly developed space empire, using hi-tech weaponry and suits in battle. Highly efficient in ballistics and range weapons, they happen to be less deadly in close combat.

The main idea for these guys is camouflage. Basic colour is Citadel Paint Castellan Green, brighter smudges are a mix of Citadel Nurgling Green and Vallejo Intermediate Green. They’ve been painted with drybrush, because it’s easy and quick. Applied in a certain manner, drybrush gives this nice weared and “leaflike” look and creates nice highlighted edges.

These are Battlesuits, and inside each one is a T’au warrior:

I have three of these: they were already based and drybrushed, I only added little colorful elements as weapon shining blue, the eyes, and small flame bursts from jet-packs. And some drybrush.

Of course there is simple infantry available:

There would be no T’au without their AI Drones. It’s worth keeping them close to infantry, because they can take infantry’s wounds.

On the side note – my heart will always be by Omnissiah and the priesthood of Mars, so the type of computers T’au has are just an abominable inteligence and a blasphemy to the true spirit of Omnissiah! And speaking of Omnissiah…

Adeptus Mechanicus

Deadalosus – Blackstone Fortress.

Here is a brave, meticoulous, curious and canny (pun intended) Xenoarcheologist of Mars. Im’ not sure though if in lore this character is really from Mars or not, but nontheless I decided i LOVE Mars’ colour scheme, so there it is…

Xenoarcheologist is a (of course) archeologist searching for xeno (alien) artefacts, that (in theory) will help to develop Humanity and ensure the Everlasting Glory of the Empire of Man. Of course if you look into the abyss long enough, the abyss may stare back at you… or try to talk to/devour you, so it’s best to shoot first and then NOT ask questions. But the old technology is fascinating to Adeptus Mechanicus and to their belief no knowledge should be lost.

Sicarian Ruststalker – follow-up.

I painted the bases and added some fluorescent colours to my Sicarians to make them look less like Deadpool…

Castellan Robots – WIP

… yeah. So, remember the rant about abominable intelligence…? Yeah. So this is a very-very-VERY ancient robot.

Noone really knows why those *things* appear on the battlefield, and why they decide to help Adeptus Mechanicus’ forces. If there is an experienced Datasmith (another type of Mechanicus’ infantry), he can change their battle protocols to serve given purpose. After the battle they disappear, they march away into the unknown. And somehow Adeptus Mechanicus is not afraid of them and THIS intelligence is not evil and bad. I dunno. Just AdMech things.

What’s next?

I owe You all better pictures of all of those minatures I’ve shown You today. I’ll write a little more about applying drybrush in different ways, about adding multiple limbs on magnets, about painting little-little details like eyes. Be prepared for high(er) definition and more detalis. See you soon!

Fenrisian Wolf – Parade Ready

Another animal on my shelf! A Fenrisian Grey Wolf. In the dark grim dark future, almost all Terran animals went extinct. Those few rare examples of real dogs, horses, wolves and others are always exquisite specimens. It is not known, however, whether the Fenrisian wolves are actually *wolves*, canis lupus or a very distant descendant. Some sources claim it possible that these semi-conscious creatures are in fact very ancient “Astartes-to-be” whose gene mutations spiralled out of control, thus changing humans not into the great warriors they were supposed to be, but into giant, feral creatures.

If I only could remember the colours I used on this wolf… And it wasn’t Citadel’s Fenrisian Grey, unfortunaltely.
Some rubble, a little tuft, and two pieces of amber. I quite like the colour on this base.

A lizard here, a lizard there… Seraphon mounts, assamble! WiP.

I had a little more time to get on with painting more of my little Seraphon army. So, there you go: more Mounts though No Blades (Saurus Knights on Cold Ones, without the Knights component…).

M&Ms as a colour reference!

The Mint-Blue Guy:

The Violet-blue Guy

And last, but not least – the Fiery-Red Guy. He is the leader’s mount, that’s why he’s the wearing a golden headpiece.